This wikia is a hub for anything horror related! We accept creepypasta, art, photography, poems, videos and songs. Leave a message on my talk page if you have a suggestion for anything! DO NOT ADD A PAGE/PHOTO/VIDEO UNLESS YOU ARE A VERIFIED ARTIST/YOUTUBER/AUTHOR OR ADMIN

                              This is a new project so i'l list a few rules:

  1.   Please do not add any pages unless your a verified author, artist, photographer, youtuber or an admin. violation =Editing ban
  2.   Please no plagarism. You can upload things not made by you but you cannot say that you created them. Violation = Editing ban
  3.   No troll pastas please, there is a seperate wiki for them   Violation = Editing ban
  4.   Spin-pastas are welcomed! But no we do not accept haunted game, file pastas, but any other style of video game pastas are welcomed. If unsure Pm me!  Violation = Editing ban
  5.  Terms of use here Terms of Use

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